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Business Scope

Scope of business:
A. Real Estate Appraisal
  Real estate mortgage price assessment
  Real Estate Transfer Assessment
  Judicial, arbitration, real estate assessment
  Construction in progress mortgage assessment
  Other purposes, the real estate valuation
The B land acquisition and house demolition compensation price assessment
  Housing Area Survey Land Surveying
  Ancillary facilities house demolition compensation price assessment

C, land use rights, mortgage, transfer of land value-added tax, transfer the reserve price assessments

D real estate investment, all the planning scheme
  Real estate project management, cooperative research
  Real estate development project feasibility study
  Business property consultancy, market-based planning

E project cost
Engineering estimates, budgets, billing, completion knot (decision) count, the project bidding pretender, the preparation and audit of the tender offer.
2. Commissioned by the judiciary and arbitration institutions to identify the engineering economic disputes.
To undertake the construction of the project proposal and feasibility studies and investment estimate preparation. Audit and project economic evaluation.
Construction projects all stages of project cost control and engineering the claims business services.
Project cost information consulting services.
6 with a project cost of other business-related business.

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