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Guoxin was established in 2001 with registered capital of 2 million yuan. 2012 Guoxin Hangzhou Branch agency of evaluation for land approved by the China Association of Land Appraisers, the scope of practice for the country approved by the Ministry of the People's Republic of housing and urban construction in 2007, now headquartered in Yan'an Road, Hangzhou, No. 515 -521 seventh layer 722-724 rooms.   

ZhejiangGuoxinReal Estate AppraisalConsulting Co., Ltd.
Tel :0571-28066616
Add:cityof Yan'anRoad,HangzhouGuoxinBuilding,722-724rooms

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Add: Yan'an Road, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, 515-521, No. 722-724(Guoxin building) Tel :0571 -28066616